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Christ centered healing for the body, mind and spirit

There are times in our lives when we can be negatively impacted by our physical , emotional and energetic imbalances. I like to approach the body as a whole; considering the physical body,

the emotional mind & the energetic spirit. 

Through prayer and with the use of applied kinisiolgy I seek insight from the body and guidance from the Lord.

Utilizing this, and my 15+ years of experience of working with hundreds of clients,

I aim to bring about the relief and freedom for you from the things that might be burdening you.

I will incorporate which ever modality your body will be best served by;

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic, MyoFascial Release,Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage,

Lymphatic, Cupping, Stretching, Energy Balancing and more.

My sessions incorporate a combination of pure essential oils, physical massage and emotion release.

Each appointment is customized to fit your needs.

When booking you will simply schedule a length of time, and we can determine

your preference at your scheduled appointment time.

There is never an upcharge for incorporating any modality or use of oils.

30 min -$60   45 min -$85   60 min -$110   90 min -$150   120 min -$190

Hema-Sonic Lymphatic Massage: 60 min $150   90 min -$190

Raindrop Technique: 45 min $110

Loyalty Rewards

 Per calendar month; Your 1st appt will be regular price.

Your subsequent appts will receive a 15% discount. 

I would be honored to work with you and look forward to getting your body

on the road to recovery and wellness!

Now offering Hemo-Sonic lymphatic massage

The Hemo-Sonic Lymph and Tissue Light uses red, green, yellow, infrared laser light therapy, sound waves from 0 - 20000 hertz some of these will be below what the human ear can hear, and biofeedback from the body. The sonic transducer communicates deep into the fluid mass of lymphatics/tissues the same way that dolphins communicate underwater(because of this the device sounds like dolphins). The light therapy, sound waves, and sonic transducer are then synchronized to carry all the therapies deeper into the body to produce peristaltic action (wave-like movement) to the lymphatic vessels, which improves the flow of the lymphatic pathways. It provides a significant change of detoxification of the fluid mass in the body. The therapeutic effects establish normal fluid equilibrium with the re-polarization of blood platelets that perform the function of oxygen transport by maintaining the aerobic state of energy production at the cellular level and below cellular levels. It also establishes optimal immune functions by maintaining genetic purity with the destruction of antigens that invade the body. It’s a gentle, highly effective detoxification therapy that is relaxing and supportive to the immune and endocrine systems.


Red laser (Penetrates 3mm deep) Decreases inflammation, increases oxygen and blood flow, promotes muscle calcium uptake, increases neurotransmitter release, stimulates mitochondria of the cell for more energy and better cell communication.


Infrared Laser (Penetrates 3-4mm deep) Warms the tissue and carries all the biological information deeper than other lasers into the tissue and is great for pain.


Green Laser (Penetrates 2mm deep) Used to activate normal lymphatic/immune, blood functions, tissue regeneration, wound healing, skin conditions, helps fight wrinkles and pain. 


Yellow Laser (Penetrates 2.5mm deep) Stimulates collagen in skin, does a lot of the same as green but goes a little deeper.


What It Feels Like: Patients have reported feeling very “light” after this therapy. It is very grounding and relaxing.


What Symptoms/Systems It’s Good For: Lymphatic/Immune systems, swelling, fatigue, and after-in injury. This is also an excellent therapy for those seeking preventative care.

60 min session: $150

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A Raindrop Drop session invigorates the mind, balances your body's energy, boosts and builds the immune system and shields against pathogens. Raindrop Technique is very balancing and grounding, as well as helping support your body's structural alignment.

I provide a variety of massage modalities, suiting them to your body's needs. Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Swedish, Sports, Reflexology, Cupping, PNF stretching and more. We will take the time to determine your needs and customize your session.

Through the use Applied Kinesiology our bodies can reveal and release current and past emotional burdens that can hinder our optimum health and well-being. When we repress, avoid or deny our emotions our body's energy is restricted and healing can be hindered. Trapped emotions and negative energy can create pain, malfunction and disease.

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